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The wheel in the sky keeps on turnin'

It's been a while since I've updated but I just wanted to say what's been going on as well as what's on my mind. Lately I'll admit I've not been too sociable, I'm trying to get myself together for this final year, planning my dissertation a bit as well as trying to get myself on the university American football team to add some spice to my life. I'm getting somewhat frustrated at myself for getting tied up with stress and random bouts of depression.

I'll admit I'm not too happy about how things are at the moment, but in due time things should even out once I can establish some stability again, it might take me a while so don't expect me to be too social. I'll still be contactable online and by phone but if I don't respond right away, don't get worked up. I'll probably be away or busy.

I really need to get life back to some form of routine in which I can balance out my academic, work and social lives which could take up to a month or so, I'll still be social online but those who know me locally may not see me as frequently, but I'll do what I can to be sociable.

I just need time to get things sussed out so I can keep stable

Home And Dry

Well I'm finally back in Hull, landed in England on sunday morning completely knackered and hanged out with Rugbywolf at the station for a bit, we were both so exhausted we decided just to head back to Oxford, however, I left my backpack on the train from Heathrow and had to sprint a couple of times across the station to luckily retrieve it then catch my train.
Once I got to Oxford I had to help out Rugbywolf's family with a few things before I could get a quick 3 hours sleep. Had a small party there and slept a couple of hours before training it up to Brum to hang out with the epic Tempest, we talked about the con and he gave me some unexpected gifts, still pretty flattered and such.
Then another surprise came, my parents called me up and invited me to a Pet Shop Boys concert on that nod, I happily agreed and went back to Liverpool to watch before finally getting some kind of kip. It was an amazing gig though, glad I went, although I was disappointed they didn't play Oppurtunities or Flamboyant :P
Spent the next day and a half lounging at home before taking a late train back to Hull. I'll be honest and say I'd rather be back in the US right now but I'll be back there soon enough. It'll be good to see friends again, hopefully.

NY Update

So far things are going pretty well, weather was shitty at first but has improved, yesterday I had myself a BBQ and headed up a mountain to watch the fireworks, it was a pretty nice sight but the fireworks seemed really small from up there, hope everyone's doing alright as well and I'll be back in at least a week, might be extending my trip to catch Dragonfire's birthday and stay here longer. ^^


I'm just sat at heathrow airport waiting on my flight to NY, I just need to get away and relax, fucking tired though so I feel like shit x.x

Hope everyone's doing ok and I'll be online again soon enough, see you all soon

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XBox Live

Just set up a Gold account (Trial version) so I'll be on there for about a month I guess. My Gamertag's Tommah666 if you'd like to add me :3


Yesterday I headed to London to see Matt's parents with my mum and dad, that idea was initially unsettling in itself, plus it was weird to see them on my side of the Atlantic but once the evening started all was well. However, the real mindfuck occurred earlier in the day. As some of you may know a friend of mine drowned himself in London last year, I was reminded of this yesterday and today when Police and the fire brigade were searching the river by the apartment we were staying in. We think the body was found this morning, saw a white sheet draped over something on the riverbank, rather macabre a mindfuck. Also, not the only mindfuck. While we were wandering through London we found the pub I was meant to meet the friend's brother and talk things out, not been able to arrange a time though, was reminded I should really get round to tying that loose end.

Other than that mindfuck the trip went rather well, both couples got along well and my parents liked London, was good to be somewhere different as well. We also came back on a train called:

Made me giggle a bit X3

The Final Push D:

I'm down to one last assignment, once this out out the way and all my work is handed in tomorrow I'll be able to relax again. However, I really need to get cracking with this last assignment so if I'm not talkative online and such you know why now, if it's important send me a note or something D:

Hope you're all well~

I'm so screwed >:

Waltz With Bashir

Recently I managed to finally see a film called "Waltz With Bashir" when I was on the plane home from the states and I can't get it out of my head. It was just such a surreal and amazing film to watch and I don't know why it sticks in my head, it was just so well put together. It was also a format I've never seen before which added to its unique nature, an animated documentary of all things. Although it was short at 90 minutes, it was still so powerful. I'm going to make sure I pick up the DVD when I can.

It's a movie you'll have to see for yourself if you can, I understand it's not to everyone's tastes though.

Trailer below:

Back in Blighty

Landed less than an hour ago in Manchester and feel absolutely bleh. A part of me just wants to curl up for a couple of days but that's not an option. The trip itself was awesome. Just kinda depressed that it's over and that I have to return to everyday life again. I guess I just need a hug or something, maybe some sleep.

Anywho, rant over for now and hope everyone's ok. I feel completely put of the loop D: and yes I have missed you all.

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